Dr. Goran Simeunovic Ph.D

Position: Assistant professor

Centre for Applied Cybernetics, and Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague


  • Email: Goran.Simeunovic[at]fs.cvut.cz
  • Address: Technicka Street 4, 166 07, Prague 6, Czech Republic
  • Telephone: +420 224 352 877


  • CFD modeling
  • Control Theory and Applications
  • Analysis and control of Time delay systems
  • Indoor-climate analysis and control
  • Heat transfer


  • Automatic control (Bc course)
  • Computer use fundamentals (Bc course)

PhD Students

  • Ivana Oswaldova (2009 – ), Modelling of the microclimate in historical interiors (CfC project)

Event organisation



  • International Journals

# Zítek, P. – Vyhlídal, T. – Simeunovič, G. – Nováková, L. – Čížek, J.: Novel personalized and humidified air supply for airliner passengers. Building and Environment. 2010, vol. 45, no. 11, p. 2345-2353. ISSN 0360-1323.

  • International Conferences (Selection)

* Simeunovic, G., T. Vyhlidal, P. Zitek, I. Oswaldova. Numerical Modeling of the Moisture Transfer Through Wooden Desk by Linking Ansys and Matlab Software. IMECE 2013, San Diego (USA), 2013.

* Skopec, P, Knobloch, J., Vyhlidal, T. Simeunović, G., Švantner, M. et al.: Comprehensive control of a reheating furnace. In AISTech 2012 – Iron and Steel Technology Conference Proceedings. Warrendale, PA: Association for Iron & Steel Technology, 2012, p. 2053-2063. ISSN 1551-6997.ISBN 978-1-935117-24-7.

* Simeunovic, G., P. Zitek, T. Vyhlidal, D. LJ. Debeljkovic, „Separate Parameters Identification of the Time Delay Model of the Heat Transfer Process“, IMECE 2011, Denver (USA), November 11-17, 2011.

* Zitek, P., Vyhlidal, T., Sladek, O., Sladek, A., Simeunovic, G.: Equal-sorption microclimate control applied to the Holy Cross Chapel at Karlštejn castle. In Proceedings from the International Conference on Climatization of historic buildings, state of the art. Stuttgart: Fraunhofer IRB Verlag, 2011, p. 57-65. ISBN 978-3-8167-8637-5.

* Simeunović, G., P. Zítek, J. Chysky, M. Miletić, (2010). Time – Delay Models Parameters Identification of Heat Transfer Systems Using the Hybrid Algorithm. 18th International Conference on Nuclear Engineering, May 17-21, Xi´an, China.

* Zitek P., G. V. Simeunovic, T. Vyhlidal, “The Personalized Air Distribution System for a Seated Passenger in Aircraft Cabin”, ROOMVENT 2009, Busan, South Korea, 2009.

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